What to Expect

Many people within Sardis are experiencing a spiritual renewal, while others are still looking for answers. We’re excited to serve our city, and are committed to knowing, living and sharing the gracious love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

What is a worship service?

Every Sunday we gather for two worship services. These services are held to worship the Lord God who made heaven, earth, and all creatures. He created everything, and still upholds and governs His creation. He created humanity to serve and glorify Him, the only true God.

Why do we worship? Simply put, because God calls us to. He wants to maintain a relationship with His people. God has given us the Bible as His Word, and from there we hear Him call us to meet with Him in worship. We gather in order to honour, praise and glorify Him. We do this because God is out Creator and our Saviour. At the same time, we receive from the Lord wonderful gifts – forgiveness of our sins, peace with Him, and His continued care over our lives.

What happens when I arrive?

We recommend you arrive a few minutes early to feel comfortable and settle in. Greeters or ushers will welcome you at the door and will give you a bulletin to follow along with the service. They will also be able to help seat you and can answer questions you might have. As you find your seat, you will notice many others doing the same – young and old, men and women, single and married. God wants all His people to worship Him together.

What happens in a worship service?

Our weekly worship services are meant to be Christ-centred and God-glorifying. Our desire is to maintain a gospel-centered simplicity in worship.. We follow a simple biblical order of worship: singing, corporate confession, prayer, offerings, preaching and the celebration of the sacraments. Throughout, we focus on Jesus and our life in Him.

We have Bibles available for you to use, and in most cases the words to all of the songs are projected at the front of the auditorium for everyone to see. Our singing is generally accompanied by the piano.

Partway through the service, a bag is passed around for the offering, which supports various ministries and charities. Visitors are under no obligation to contribute to these offerings. Feel free to simply pass the bag to your neighbour until you know us better.

What about my kids?

Childcare is available in the nursery for infants and young toddlers during all services. You may be surprised that young children ordinarily worship with adults here. We believe Christ values and receives both professing adults and their children into His covenant of grace.

What happens after the worship service?

After the service, formal worship transitions into informal interaction with each other. Our desire is to connect with visitors who may be worshiping with us for the first time. All in all, the whole service lasts around one hour.